Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to connect to services?

The client needs to engage a licensed electrician to connect the prewired modules to the existing property subboard. The client needs to engage a licensed plumber to provide hot and cold water lines, sewer/septic lines for blackwater discharge and final stormwater to legal point of discharge on the property.

What after sales service is provided?

Mopod Australia offers ongoing support for any modifications and maintenance requirements.

What is the process to own a Mopod structure?

The purchase process is quick and easy. To own & walk into a Mopod:

    •  Select &/or design Mopod product
      Invitation to factory to discuss clients design needs & the various product options.
    • Confirmation of scope of works
      Inclusive of floor plan, specifications, kitchen arrangement and colour choice, appliance inclusions and allowances, prefabricated bathroom selection type and position.
    • Present quote to client (valid for 30 days)
      Includes: total costs, floor plan, inclusions and exclusions, specification, scope of works and schedule for installation & delivery.
    • Payment schedule
      As per Payment Terms.
    • Site assessment
    • Council approvals
    • Install pad footings
    • Manufacture of Mopod at factory – client may inspect
    • Deliver & install Mopod to site with crane truck

What cooling and heating options are available?

Location and climate will dictate heating and cooling requirements. Our 5 star energy efficiency rating minimizes these needs. Mopods can be supplied with split A/C, wall mounted or roof mounted systems.

Are water tanks and solar systems available?

Yes. The Mopod structure has been designed to accommodate autonomous power services

Is there a choice of finishes available?

Yes. Mopod Australia has a range of finishes to select from.

Can Mopods be added to or reconfigured?

Yes. The unique modular building system allows for extensions and reconfigurations.

Is the structure collapsible and moveable?

Yes, Mopods can be readily relocated. The collapsible design allows for easy, cost efficient flat-pack transportation Australia wide. Less than 24 hours is all that is required to disassemble and remove from site.

How long does it take to install a Mopod?

One day for pad footings, usually a week prior to installation.

A single module (The Mopod):
one day for installation

Studio Pods:
less than two days for installation

Duo Pods:
two days installation.

How are Mopods installed?

Pad footings are installed on site one week prior to delivery of the Mopod.
The collapsed Mopod structure is flat-packed ex factory onto a truck and transported to site. The Mopod is assembled by our qualified team and fitted out to completion. If the site does not permit crane truck access, the modules can be broken into walk through component form and manually installed by our team.

Is delivery Australia wide?

Yes. The modules in collapsed state can be delivered anywhere and can be transported 4 modules per semi trailer without restrictions.

What are the payment terms?

Purchase Order:
to be provided by client confirming acceptance of quotation and scope of works.

Progress Payment 1:
10% of total contract value on Signing Contract.

Progress Payment 2:
40% of total contract value on Agreed Contract Start Date.

Progress Payment 3:
35% of total contract value at Completion of Manufacture prior to freighting to site

Final Payment:
15% of total contract value on Practical Completion of Mopod installation.

Are Mopods suitable as permanent, temporary or portable buildings?

Mopods comply to BCA requirements as permanent class 1A buildings. They are designed on a floor chassis, and the electrical services adopt dual poled fittings that comply with the portable building codes and therefore make them suitable for caravan and cabin parks. They are removable from site within 24hrs and are in accordance with temporary building code requirements.

Is a building permit needed?

All installations require building approval. Local councils advise on the necessity of a planning and building permit. The client obtains all necessary planning permits and Mopod Australia can engage a building surveyor for the building approvals or assist the client in obtaining such approvals.

What warranties apply?

The statutory full 7 year structural warranty and 6 month minor defects warranty.

Can the current series of Mopod designs be modified?

Yes. You can customize your own Mopod to suit specific site orientation, budget and client requirements including internal layouts and module finishes.

What is excluded in the standard price?

Council planning, building application fees and final connection of electrical and plumbing services.

What is included in the standard price?

Each product outlines the standard inclusions and specifications. The standard price assumes level site conditions, good access for crane truck delivery and installation and normal soil and terrain categories. Included in the price are the design, manufacture, delivery, setout and installation of pad footings and installation of Mopod modules.